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Your consulting pitch deck should reflect your expertise and investor pitch deck consultant experience. Here are three guidelines to help you. Make sure to know more about the businesses you might want to work for before you present your pitch. These include Deloitte and RRB Advisors. They all have different requirements and all can benefit from a consulting pitch deck.


If you're looking to create a new product or business plan, you can count on an UpWork Consulting pitch deck specialist. The freelancer must have a lot of knowledge and experience as well as be proficient. In addition, he or she must have experience pitching VCs, small VC funds, as well as external angel investors. The UpWork Consulting pitch deck specialist will collaborate with you to develop the perfect pitch for your business idea.


The first step in creating a pitch deck for consulting firms is to ensure that the information in the deck is backed by data. Arguments without evidence are nothing but gibberish. To support your claims you can use statistics as well as hypothetical data, and other visuals. Your slides and deck should be easy to read and concise. They should convey the message in the shortest time. Here are some suggestions to design a captivating pitch deck.

A good consulting pitch deck must be engaging to the target audience. The PowerPoint presentation shouldn't be too long or boring if the audience isn’t interested in the specifics of the consulting services. Include valuable content at end of the presentation. To boost brand loyalty, you should include a company logo on each slide. The Deloitte Consulting pitch deck example below gives a good example of what a pitch deck for consulting should include.

When creating a consulting pitch deck, remember that it is important to focus on the way you will establish relationships with your clients. Deloitte consultants have many different types, and it's essential to design a pitch deck that reflects the three types. In addition to having solid customer satisfaction and business development abilities, Deloitte also emphasizes the importance of having a good culture and a good fit. These elements won't help you stand pitch deck consultant out in the crowd in the event that your pitch deck doesn't focus on them.

The Deloitte consulting pitch deck

This PowerPoint template is for the Deloitte consulting pitch deck. It comes with great slides as well as a four-scenario matrix in grey and green. It shows how the slides should be organized and formatted. The presentation should be formatted in an identical design scheme, with a thin margin around the slide and consistent line spacing between paragraphs. When creating a consulting pitch deck, there are several aspects you should keep in mind.

The most important thing to keep in mind when preparing your pitch deck is to ensure that it is data-driven. Without solid evidence, arguments become a bunch of gibberish. You can make use of statistics as well as hypothetical data or a case study, but the goal is to prove your point by providing evidence. It can be presented using tables, diagrams or consulting pitch deck charts. The main takeaways of each slide are their titles. Your titles must convey the most important message in the shortest time possible.

These slides can be used to make your own compelling presentations. McKinsey and Deloitte both employ storytelling formats to engage their audience. The use of custom illustrations cuts down on text. You can also make use of the template created by McKinsey and Company. McKinsey's template mixes stunning content with stunning aesthetics. To make your presentation stand out, you can employ attractive photos and tables packed with data.

The client has a variety of risks. One of these was that they underestimated the potential benefits of the project. They didn't realize the advantages of a quote. Another risk was that Deloitte failed to discuss its ongoing COVID-related work with TSA. If Deloitte were to be awarded the contract, it would have to be very selective, and the final decision would be contingent on whether the client is willing to hire them or not.

RRB Advisors' consulting pitch deck

This firm's corporate financial advisory pitch deck examines RRB Advisors unique approach to providing accurate and personalized financial analytics. Our financial analysts have worked with Fortune 500 companies, sovereign wealth funds, as well as financial institutions across all industries. They offer a range of financial analysis and consultancy services that assist our clients meet their goals. Here are some highlights from RRB Advisors' consultation pitch deck:

Deloitte's consulting slide deck

The Deloitte consulting pitch deck shows how to structure the pitch. It has a green-and-grey four scenario matrix , as well as some amazing slides that show off its expertise. While most consulting firms have their own developers and designers certain firms prefer having them create the deck. A deck is a common tool in almost every situation of consulting, and should be formatted in a consistent manner.

A consulting pitch deck isn't traditionally presented in the way that it is usually viewed by investors. The partners will walk the client through key slides in a way that summarizes their findings and suggestions. Consulting presentations require much analysis and planning. It should be concise easily understood, clear, and logical, and contain only the most important elements that will help you sell your solution.

To create a compelling pitch deck you need to be aware of the differences in the types and the levels of consultants at Deloitte. There are several key characteristics that set each consultant apart from others. The Deloitte consulting pitch deck employs storytelling to illustrate how their services can help clients. The graphics of the company include infographics, icons, and a variety shades of green.

To make your point clear The Pyramid Principle must be considered when developing your presentation content. The pyramid principle is a technique to convey information by presenting the primary idea first and then proceeding to the details. Typically, the title is first read, then the details are followed by an executive summary. This ensures that you don't spend time or effort. There's an appendix that is a supplemental section that contains additional data.
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